AES Launches Corporate Rebrand



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We have hired Richard Niblock as Southeast Regional Sales Manager

We have hired Richard Niblock as Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Applied Energy Solutions ProMat Team Member: Vern

Meet Vern, he is the President & CEO of Applied Energy Solutions, he is the guy that makes everything possible.


1. What are you looking forward to during ProMat 2013? Re-connecting with many friends that I haven’t seen in a while and also anticipating a lot of new visitors to our booth.

2. What is your favorite AES product? The Maverick HF products, and the Lithium Ion battery pack because they are new technology.

3. What is your favorite hobby/ pastime? Boating and spending time with family and when you put both of them together its really great!

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Applied Energy Solutions releases the new BIT™ Battery Information Transmitter

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Applied Energy Solutions



ProMat Booth #972

Caledonia, New York, Dec 12. 2012 — Applied Energy Solutions ( developed their first battery information transmitter in 2006 for the Bronco™ SCR battery charger. Today, they have released a new redesigned, faster and more efficient battery information transmitting device. The new BIT™ monitors battery performance, health, and alerts the user of adverse operating conditions over the entire battery life. This product works with wireless RF communication to transmit data to an easy to use graphical interface that allows the user to detect patterns, identify problems, and to convert data into ready to use spreadsheets.

The BIT is manufactured for all material handling environments with a rugged case construction to resist impact, water and electrolyte spills and its small size will not interfere with battery watering, removal, or lid closure by fitting between inter-cell connectors.

The BIT™ logs critical parameters including:

  • Voltage
  • AH
  • Electrolyte level
  • Temperature
  • Total throughput

The web based version of the device can alarm the user by email and text if the battery in use is under or over voltage, needs to be watered, is overheated or is over or under current ranges. The BIT™ will be displayed during ProMat 2013 at the Applied Energy Solutions booth #972.

Applied Energy Solutions manufactures industrial battery chargers for forklifts, pallet jacks and other battery powered transportation equipment.  AES makes all products in the USA from design, manufacturing and sub- assemblies to interconnect and final assembly. With a full product offering for every application, AES specializes in fitting the proper battery charger for the application need.  Applied Energy Solutions manufactures products for high frequency charging, cold storage, rapid charging, opportunity and multiple-shift charging. For more information on the BIT™ and the complete line of AES battery chargers, call 1.800.836.2132 or visit