We have hired Richard Niblock as Southeast Regional Sales Manager

We have hired Richard Niblock as Southeast Regional Sales Manager


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Maverick High Frequency Chargers featured in Material Handling Solutions May 2012 issue

Applied Energy Solutions Maverick™ charger family offers full selection of High Frequency Battery Chargers for energy cost savings, less emissions, more power capacity

CALEDONIA, NY (March 31, 2012) — Applied Energy Solutions ( www.appliedenergysol.com ) developed its first true “green” energy battery charger for the motive power industry in 2008. This month they introduced the finalized line of complete Maverick High Frequency Chargers.

The Maverick™ is a high efficiency charger that minimizes the amount of power drawn, giving users of electric utility vehicles real cost savings, reduced CO2 emissions and additional power capacity. It is available in conventional, opportunity, and rapid charge start rates. All of the Maverick products are designed to provide excellent re-charging with the minimal consumption of energy. Re-charging can be done accurately and efficiently by using very high switching and conversion of the incoming AC power with IGBT design and the pow

er factor correction circuitry.

The Maverick Family Includes:

  • The Maverick Opportunity Charger with block out times, ease of use interface, programmable control.
  • The Maverick Multi Pro Opportunity Charger for mixed battery fleets which automatically seeks battery size information and adjuststhe charge profile to accurately re-charge in the safest and most efficient manner
  • The Maverick Conventional Rate Charger for the most energy efficient standard re-charge times

The Maverick™ High Frequency-Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (HF-IGBT) Charger returns more energy at a lower cost than conventional chargers. It has a full load power factor of .95 and is the most efficient charger available, resulting in the lowest operating cost.

“The launch of the Maverick™ High Frequency charger line represents an essential element of all battery powered electric vehicles and large fork lift fleet applications and can mean significant energy cost savings to the user in their daily charging requirements,” said Vern Fleming, President, Applied Energy Solutions.

“It has been documented that with the correct Maverick™ High Frequency charger for your application, most distribution centers can save $100-$200 per year per battery in energy costs,” Fleming said. “ Our products conceptually have been consulted with by Rochester Institute of Technology to meet or exceed the stated energy savings figures”

The Maverick’s TCC 2.0 controller allows for lower battery recharge temperature due to a very low ripple current. In addition, the IGBT switching efficien

cies at medium and high power are higher and the drive circuitry is simpler. This means that the Maverick™ can be used at higher frequencies without the audio noise found in conventional chargers.

Additional significant energy savings can be realized by utilizing the unit’s programmable controls that enable users to stagger the charger start time outside high cost peak demand periods.

Additional features include:

  • Delayed start from 15 minutes to 4 hours in 15 minute intervals
  • Equalize can be done manually, automatically with day/time setting, or every 5 cycles
  • Auto refresh charge every 24 hours
  • Programmable charge termination when battery voltage reaches gassing
  • Remote Control Interface
  • Auto start with five second delay
  • Auto shutdown when 80% or final charge exceeds time limit, for excessive voltage or charge current irregularities, and when the maximum battery temperature is exceeded

Applied Energy Solutions manufactures industrial battery chargers for forklifts, pallet jacks and other battery powered transportation equipment. AES makes all products in the USA from design, manufacturing and sub- assemblies to interconnect and final assembly. With a full product offering for every application, AES specializes in fitting the proper battery charger for the application need. Applied Energy Solutions manufactures products for high frequency charging, cold storage, rapid charging, opportunity and multiple-shift charging.

For more information on the Maverick™ and the complete line of AES battery chargers, call 1 . 800.836.2132 or visit www.appliedenergy

sol.com .

Is technology making life simpler?

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CALEDONIA,NY (August 28, 2011)In this day and age of technology we often wonder if all of these gadgets and devices actually make life easier or if they are polluting our precious time with more information, distractions, and more complexity than we need. If you take the time to ask yourself this question, you may find yourself and others frustrated with the constant barrage of emerging technologies.
This also holds true in our world of Industrial Battery Charging. At Applied Energy Solutions our goal is to provide the operators and managers, the proper and much needed information in a simple and accurate format. CEO of AES, Vern Fleming says “The question we always consider during development is; what is needed to make life easier?”
Applied Energy Solutions has been in the business of designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling Industrial Battery Chargers for over 30 years. Throughout these 30 years they have made it a point to perfect themselves in the area of charger applications. They have become experts with the knowledge to provide the best product for any fork lift or electrical vehicle charging application. The team prides themselves in the ability to show the clientele how to use the product which in turn simplifies the life of the leader, workers and the entire operation.
With a vast installed client base across North and South America of over one million units they are the industry leader because of the variety of products they provide and the depth of knowledge due to this large client base. This provides AES with constant information and feedback to use in the enhancement and development of their products.
Some of these advances and developments have been evidenced over time with the invention of Dv/Dt Di/Dt termination which is the method all manufactures use in charge termination today. AES also invented the Opportunity Charging process and platform. When this platform was invented, Opportunity Charging was strongly frowned upon in the material handling industry. Battery manufacturers were adamant against using it as it caused harm and damage to the batteries due to under and over charging.
Recognizing that the behavior of Opportunity Charging was not going to end in the facilities, AES decided to solve the problem from their end. By inventing a product that would treat the batteries properly, they can now prevent problems and allow the practice of Opportunity Charging. This then became the catalyst for the invention of the Quarter Horse Opportunity Charger which was the very first Opportunity Charger made in the industry. The control and type of charge profile eliminates any battery problems and additionally saves energy by eliminating over charging and full charging during peak demand times. Many other manufacturers have now followed suit with copies of the Opportunity Charger.
AES controls quality by manufacturing all of its products in the USA unlike their competitors. Simplicity and precision is the key. The controls on the chargers and operator interface are designed for ease of use and no information overload. The operators can see the gas gage on the front panel indicating how full the battery is in the fork lift. They can also see the time remaining until full charge will be reached. The chargers are also preset at the factory for time zone, block out, full re-charge, and equalization to further simplify any set up.
Let AES show you how to do it the easy way and not over load you with information that you really don’t need. Fleming quotes “Our name says it all, we Apply Energy to various products and provide Solutions” which simplifies life and creates a successful material handling environment for the consumer.
(For more information on applications or products, see the application guide at http://www.appliedenergysolutions.com )