Meet ProMat Show 2013 AES Team Member Ken

Meet ProMat Show 2013 AES Team Member Ken, he is the Service Manager at Applied Energy Solutions, he controls customer support and is your contact for any need that is product related.


What are you looking forward to during ProMat 2013? Meeting people face to face that I have talked with for years but have never met.

What is your favorite AES product?  Work Horse 2

What is your favorite hobby or pastime? Visiting a place I have never been to, and making sure the grand kids drive their parents crazy!


Applied Energy Solutions ProMat Team Member: Brad Taylor Author of One Rough Man & Enemy of Mine

Meet ProMat Show 2013 Team Member Brad Taylor, he is the Author of One Rough Man & Enemy of Mine to be release January 15, 2013. He will be signing his new book at our booth #972 on January 21 from 1-4 p.m. To see more about Brad go to

ImageAs a part of our events for ProMat 2013 we will be fundraising for the Wounded Warrior Project. Brad’s words on the WWP:

I’m honored to be a part of Applied Energy Solutions’ support of the Wounded Warrior Project.  Near and dear to my heart, the WWP continues to provide much needed support for our veterans long after the conflicts have left the front page.  It’s with nothing but gratitude that I can be of any help to this wonderful cause.

To donate to Wounded Warriors during or before the show please go to our online donation page: and share the word. 

Meeting the Applied Energy Solutions ProMat 2013 Trade Show Team

Do you ever wonder who will be at each booth during a trade show? Well, we are going to introduce you to our AES team before you get to the show!

Meet Jenn:

I am the PR & Marketing Coordinator at Applied Energy Solutions, you have seen blog posts, tweets, press releases and more created by me.

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What are you looking forward to during ProMatshow 2013? I am looking some fun with our book signing and giveaways.
What is your favorite AES product? My favorite AES product is the Colt™, because it’s small but packs a lot of punch.
What is your favorite hobby/ pastime? In my free time I like to write on my own personal blog and focus on fitness.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: