Your Blogger,Tweeter & More..

Thanks for visiting the AES Twitter page. Behind the tweets on company happenings, industry trends and more, is one person, not a computer.  My name is Jenn, I am the PR& Marketing Coordinator at Applied Energy Solutions. A little about me in 5 questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about AES? The people, everyone who works here is friendly knowledgeable and willing to help other employees and give customers true solutions to their problems

2. What is your favorite part of the job? My favorite part of my job is social media, it is fun and can be challenging to get people involved in the world of battery chargers

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3. Why I like Twitter? I like Twitter because you can interact with real people that have things in common with you

4. What is your favorite thing to do? I love staying active, running, trying new classes and blogging about my experiences…Stabucks helps with all of this

5. One word that describes me: Fun


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